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Across the United States and throughout the course of two decades, Keenan Development has successfully completed more than $1 billion in public/private projects. This portfolio includes Federal and Enhanced Use Lease projects, Mission Critical facilities, projects situated among Campus Settings, as well as a range of Other Projects that defy neat categories or descriptions. These projects are varied in location, size, nature and purpose, and were all successfully developed by Keenan Development. Many of the projects within the Keenan Development portfolio are state-of-the-art, highly technical facilities. Others are high efficiency, interaction-oriented, office buildings. Others are distinguished and nationally noteworthy because they included first-of-their-kind financing or technical features. While these distinctions are valuable and worthy to their owners, tenants, and others, these projects share three important characteristics, characteristics the Keenan Development team values and will apply to its future projects:

  • All of Keenan Development's projects reflect a shared vision among Keenan Development and the project's owner.
  • All of Keenan Development's projects advanced the owner/tenant's mission, and arose from a partnership between the owner/tenant and Keenan Development.
  • All of Keenan Development's projects have been completed on time and within budget.

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