National Wildlife Research Center
Invasive Species
Research Building
Fort Collins, Colorado
Project Type
Research facility
$21.5 million
Public/private financing
50,559 square feet
    National Wildlife Research Center
Invasive Species Research Building
Fort Collins, Colorado
With a proven track record of excellence on three previous General Services Administration developments at Colorado State University, Keenan Development structured financing for, and designed and constructed this 50,559-square-foot research facility. Highly complex and secure, the facility demonstrates Keenan Development�s ability to realize value and efficiencies through the design/build experience. The facility features some of the most complex, indoor, animal support systems in existence.
Invasive species are animals and plants that invade ecosystems beyond their historic range. While some are benign, others can threaten native ecosystems, as well as human activity. Research is imperative to help reduce and prevent their devastating effects.

The National Wildlife Research Center�s (NWRC) Invasive Species Research Building (ISRB) is a state-of-the-art, highly complex, indoor, animal research facility that houses invasive wildlife from around the world. It operates 24/7/365 to support a wide range of environments recreated within the facility, ranging from sub-tropical to arctic-like conditions.

The ISRB includes highly sensitive temperature, lighting and air handling features, redundant systems, and a host of emergency back-up systems. Special care was given to designing a facility that requires little maintenance. Noise reduction, as well as escape and intrusion considerations and features are apparent throughout the facility. The ISRB also was designed to operate in collaboration with research conducted in existing, adjacent facilities.
Keenan Development facilitated the design and coordination process by maximizing communication with the building users, as well as the General Services Administration (GSA) and NWRC. By involving client and user groups in the design process, Keenan Development integrated the specific user requirements into the design from day one, allowing the project to remain on schedule.

As with the past three GSA projects that Keenan Development successfully completed at Colorado State University, the ISRB will be completed on time and within budget. Keenan Development also provided continuity in experience and leadership by assembling the same team that led those projects. This allowed the team to maximize the relationships built with local design and construction firms, enabling exceptional teamwork and communication throughout the ISRB project.
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