Federal Aviation Administration
Headquarters and Campus
Atlanta, Georgia
Project Type
Headquarters facility
$37 million
Public/private funding
multi-building campus
    Federal Aviation Administration
Headquarters and Campus
Atlanta, Georgia
The transaction structure, quality of facilities and overall project development of the Federal Aviation Administration Headquarters and Campus in Atlanta, Ga., have been such a success that they have led to the revitalization of College Park�s Main Street. This revitalization has included Keenan Development�s full-service Health Department, Outpatient Medical Clinic and public library, all of which proved integral to the College Park neighborhood�s urban renewal effort.
This area, adjacent to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, received a significant economic boost through Keenan Development�s successful completion of the Federal Aviation Administration�s headquarters facility and new campus environment. The approximately 310,000- square-foot, $37 million, multi-building campus was developed pursuant to a design/build/finance, public/private partnership arrangement.

Keenan Development acquired the project site through the College Park Business and Industrial Development Authority. The facility is owned in a unique public/private venture among Keenan Development, the city of College Park and the College Park Business & Industrial Development Authority. A series of creative ground leases, building leases and subleases support the project. The city of College Park enjoys the reversionary interest and economic benefit of the facilities.
Included within this high-tech facility are sophisticated fiber optics, first-class office areas, and computer and food service facilities. As the headquarters operation is significant to the country�s national defense and homeland security, building security issues were of high priority. System redundancies and overall building reliability were imperative to the building�s 24/7/365, mission critical function.

Keenan Development provided a full range of developer services and continues to serve as asset, property and facilities manager for the campus.

As is the case with all Keenan Development projects, the Federal Aviation Administration Headquarters and Campus were completed on time and within budget.
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