Federal and Enhanced Use Leasing Authority

For facilities involving the federal government and its related entities, alternative financing and Enhanced Use Leasing (EUL) project approaches are rapidly gaining in popularity. Three reasons drive this increased interest. First, host entities are able to develop long-needed facilities otherwise stranded by lack of funding. Second, this approach presents return and value to the host. Finally, and importantly, when approached with a development firm with federal development insight and experience such as is held by Keenan Development, the project is completed much sooner and often less costly than through other means.

EULs offer unique opportunities for federal entities, and no developer in the United States has completed more EULS than Keenan Development. Perhaps this is due to the complexity of these kinds of projects and Keenan Development's unique experience and passion to meet these challenges. With EULs and other projects involving federal tenants, the deal not only must be structured to meet the goals of the owner, but also must satisfy significant Office of Management and Budget and Congressional policies and requirements. As a result, successful delivery of federal projects requires skilled insight and acumen into how the project is structured, funded and approved. All of these projects have been privately funded and returned significant consideration and value to the host entity - on time and within budget.


William Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center


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