Mission Critical

Mission critical projects have one criterion: unfettered reliability. Achievement of project specifications, commissioning, and project completion must be impeccable so that the fidelity of the project's operation is assured.

Keenan Development is experienced in developing mission critical facilities within research sites, governmental campuses and military installations. We understand that a project's design and energy, communications and HVAC infrastructure must be reliable for operation 24/7/365 or the mission of the host will be compromised. Keenan Development also knows the importance of delivering a project on the day expected by the client, and delivering it fully and reliably operational.

Our experience includes successful completion of some of the nation�s most complex vivarium research facilities, as well as full compliance with Director of Central Intelligence Directive 6/9 (DCID 6/9) standards, which Keenan Development incorporated within certain governmental facilities in the United States.


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