Oak Ridge National Laboratory
East Campus Research Facilities
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Project Type
Headquarters and
research facility
$72 million
alternative financing via
a not-for-profit entity
368,000 square feet
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory
East Campus Research Facilities
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
This project involved alternative financing and was completed for less than 75 percent of the amount the project would have cost had it been constructed with governmentally appropriated funds. In addition, project rent is paid for by maintenance savings from replaced, out-of-date facilities. The Department of Energy presented the Oak Ridge National Laboratory complex with the Federal Energy and Water Management Award for exceptional accomplishments in the efficient use of energy in the federal sector.
Situated within the highly secure Oak Ridge National Laboratory is 368,000 square feet of mission critical space consisting of a computational sciences facility, engineering technology research facility and research/headquarters offices. The $72 million project designed to promote collaborative research includes laboratory space and computational research space that serve numerous public and private stakeholders. The project houses one of the fastest super computers in the world, a Class 100 Modular clean room supporting Electro- Optics research, and first-class headquarters, office and administrative space. and Operating contractor, Battelle Memorial Institute, and the state of Tennessee, and are constructed on land acquired from the Department of Energy and ground leased from the not-for-profit entity. In return, Keenan Development provides leased assets for the laboratory operator that exceeds the property�s fair market value. Keenan Development also secured external funding from five major institutional investors.

Keenan Development took on the role of at-risk developer for a guaranteed day certain, dollar certain delivery. As is the case with all Keenan Development projects, these first three-of-five Oak Ridge National Laboratory East Campus Research Facilities were completed on time and within budget.
One of the keys to this project�s success was the financing solution proposed by Keenan Development. The facilities are owned by a not-for-profit entity sponsored by the Managing
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